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Aspire-AEST Research

Call for Paper-  International Conference on "Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development" on 26-27th Oct 2018 Organized by:  MPCT Gwalior  (www.mpct.org), India in Association with AEST Research ,Ghaziabad.   Contact- Mr Sanjay Mohite- 919953190067, 7417338346- conference poster 

AEST Research

 Aspire- Advanced Engineering ,Science and Technological Research is Run by "Aspire" --Society for Research & social welfare, Ghaziabad ,Reg. No- 650/62565M/2016. It is group of young Engineers and Scientists dedicated for research in the area of Engineering, Science & Technology. The membership is open to all those persons who are associated with these goals. We welcome your help, guidance and support.


To develop and promote research in the field of Engineering Science and Technology;

To provide a forum for discussion of problems related to research in the field of Engineering ,science & Technology.

To conduct workshops, seminars, conferences etc. on Engineering, science & Technology.

To publish journals, monographs and other types of literature on Engineering, science & Technology.

To co-operate with organizations engaged in Engineering, science & Technology research and education.

The society also support research, Education and Training, to create skilled manpower in the country by providing quality training and Research guidance.

The society is also providing a platform for the M.Tech, PhD Research scholar and faculty members to interact with experts in their area of specialization within India and abroad for the supervision of Research works.